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data room guest's notice details

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1- Click I CREATE MY PASSWORD to create your password and access the data room.

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2- Click I ACCEDE TO MY SPACE to access the data room. If you have forgotten your password click PASSWORD FORGOTTEN.

3- Click ADD DOCUMENTS. Click FILE(S) to add the document (or up to 100

documents, by holding down the CTRL key on the keyboard, or the CMD key on the Mac).

Choose the level of protection for the document: nothing, dynamic watermark, watermark and block upload.

download. Select the correct folder or sub-folder for filing. Enter a transmission message (optional). Click VALIDATE AND MAKE VISIBLE (you also have the option to SAVE AS DRAFT).

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4- Click on the grey arrow and then on the grey arrow of the concerned message to visualize the details of the message and to access message and access any attached documents. To resume a draft message, click

on B.

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5- A document can be accessed by unfolding its file folder or by entering letters in its title in SEARCH DOCUMENT.

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6 - Click on the picto

Ancre 6

7 - Download a document by clicking on . To upload several documents, select the documents then click on the icon and DOWNLOAD.

Ancre 7

8 - Click on ASK A QUESTION. Enter your question and click VALIDATE AND MAKE VISIBLE

(you also have the possibility to SAVE AS DRAFT).

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9 -  Click MY ACCOUNT and CHANGE PASSWORD to change the login password.

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10 - Click MY ACCOUNT and TERMS OF USE. You can view or download the

terms of use.

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