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'State of the art' virtual data rooms
replaces physical data rooms


€60/mo (1)

per operation

Package 1st quarter €180 (1)
Then quarterly billing in advance of the operations (2) present at the beginning of the quarter (no invoicing without operation). Payment by card or transfer.
Decreasing flat rate from 3 operations. Please consult us.
(1) ex VAT
(2) An operation = an assignment, a fund raising..., with the participants and data rooms necessary for its different stages.

Everything is included

Regardless of the number of directories, files, participants, or the total volume of data, the solution supports your entire operation: business transfer, fundraising, traceable sharing of sensitive data.


for 40€/month(1) an integrated management

of ALL your operations

This package allows you to open a sharing space for each operation,

without limits.

If and when the operation requires a traced and locked management,

you can switch its space to a data room with one click, invoiced as above.

Another click is enough to go back to space and stop the additional billing.

(1) ex VAT

Why are we cheaper

than our American competitors?

  • Highly secure hosting like MyCercle's is no longer a significant cost factor

  • The simplicity of our ergonomics and our "all-inclusive" pricing facilitate our unlimited support and save you from paying a pre-sales engineer and an after-sales project manager.

  • Our lack of jumbo financial transactions means you don't have to pay for a 24/7 multilingual back office.


  • Intuitive installation in a matter of minutes, no settings.
  • Email and unlimited phone support.



  • Loading (by up to 50 documents) delegable to the customer's colleagues.
  • Editable dynamic watermark & download lock, extended traceability.
  • Messages and email alerts to participants
  • Secure recovery and erasure possible at any time.


  • Adaptation to your processes.
  • Ability to build tree models.
  • Screens in the image of your structure and (if desired) accessible from your web site.

For the professionals of M&A,

a fine-tune management

of their operations 

Utilisation du téléphone et de l'ordinateur portable
  • Secure and simplified client team sharing immediately upon signing of the mandate
  • Delegated collection of documents to the client and their collaborators
  • Diffusion of the Teaser with tracking of interest  from each candidate
  • Intuitive management of the candidates' passage from one stage to another, from the Teaser to the Audit ( due diligence )

"MyCercle democratizes

the Data Room..."

Travailler ensemble

"The strong points of MyCercle data rooms are confidentiality, a very professional image and personalization.

Fabienne Hanras

Head of the M&A Eurallia Finance




Our Company
MyCercle, a French company founded in 2013,
has a capital of 1,267,000 € held by its founders.


Our mission
Combine confidentiality and simplicity in digital sharing, with customizable professional solutions instantly without knowing anything about computers.

Our subscribers
Independents, professionals of finance, figure or council, and more important structures of the industry or the service. Everyone appreciates our free and unlimited assistance, mail and phone.
Learn more about the founders of MyCercle

Security at all levels is privileged in our solutions and makes MyCercle a reference partner for the legal, financial and legal professions and, beyond, all professionals for whom confidentiality is important.

Legal security
Extended privacy commitments,
Compliance with the European Regulation (GDPR)
Digital security
Encryption of exchanges and stored documents (256-bit key).
Secure hosting in France by a recognized provider (Adista).
Internet security Server evaluated A (Qualys vulnerability rating).
Avoid mail servers when sharing confidential data.

Design security
Ergonomics avoiding sending errors.
Easy control and correction of who sees what.
Nothing to download in your computer.


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