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Jerome Cazes

Jérôme Cazes has notably led the Coface Group, making it one of the most innovative players in B2B trade (100,000 corporate clients and 2 million corporate risks). He has also written a Thriller and a book on corporate communication.


Christine Altuzarra

Christine Altuzarra is a specialist in press relations and communication. She brings her expertise to the building of MyCercle's notoriety.


Alain Camilleri

Alain Camilleri was Sales Director of Coface in France. He offers a strong expertise in traditional prescriber networks and Social Networks where he developed the reputation of MyCercle.


Valerie Vanwormhoudt

Valérie Vanwormhoudt was IT project manager in the financial sector. She is responsible for the operations


Daniel Garcia

Daniel Garcia has managed the information systems of major French and international financial groups. He brings his expertise of these systems and digital security issues to the table.


Bertrand macabéo

Bertrand Macabéo led the Kompass Group and animates entrepreneurial organizations. He brings his expertise in the evolution of the B2B web...


Daniel Morin

Daniel Morin has managed information agencies and chaired their international professional organization. He brings this experience to the table


Isabelle Rabaron

Isabelle Rabaron has held management positions in credit insurance and business information. She brings her experience in data collection and management.


Eric de Varax

Eric de Varax has held various operational management positions in corporate banking in France and abroad. He brings his knowledge of the financial world.


Christian Aubin

His expertise in computer graphics and video editing software allows Christian Aubin to contribute with Alain Camilleri to the development of MyCercle's visual and written communication.

The team also relies on a strategic committee of 8 shareholders, business leaders or academics from France and the UK: Alain Bentéjac, François Meunier, Alain Minczeles, Benoît Ottenwaelter, Antoine Paille, Olivier Schatz, Olivier Stul and Bridget Taxy.
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