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Many law firms are familiar with MyCercle secure client spaces. In this period of health crisis, MyCercle is also proving to be a tool for operating in teleworking in complete security.

Telework or telecommuting has imposed itself on law firms in many situations, for a long time and in some cases probably permanently.

After the urgent use of digital tools to enable teleworking, the time has come to reflect on the security and confidentiality of these tools, which is essential for law firms. Two things emerge: video will not replace the written word, and messaging is not a safe (or ergonomic) tool for teleworking.

Hackers are currently trying to take advantage of the situation and attacks are multiplying on messaging systems, including email (digital mail). They take advantage of the fragility of many free tools. They also take advantage of the fact that there is always a weak link in a chain of sharing through my-messages: a participant who is already infected or who is less attentive about his reruns, or about the time during which he leaves the attachments of his messages on his mail server or on his personal tools.

But the risk goes beyond the hacker problem. Many free tools, such as Whatsapp, for example, retrieve all your customer contacts from your phone, without the consent of the customers concerned.

Many practices are already familiar with MyCercle secure customer areas. Few are aware that a MyCercle space can also be a teleworking space with their team. It allows them to work from home in complete security, replacing messaging for exchanges between colleagues, wherever they are.

With one click, the user creates a space and then registers the members of his team. If necessary, he can then complete this first space with other linked spaces for smaller work groups reserved for certain colleagues: each member will see at a glance at the top of his screen the only spaces to which he has access. The participants selected in a space will then share files and chat via secure messaging in complete safety, without having to go through their messaging systems again (even if each one keeps alerts on his or her messaging system). Of course, the space keeps the time-stamped history of messages and documents submitted.

The firm's team no longer uses messaging for its internal professional exchanges, and since nothing is sent through any messaging system, the firm benefits from the end-to-end security of encrypted, secure storage located in France. Sharing is also better partitioned: no professional messages that go to the wrong person by mistake, or former colleagues still accessing messages, since the access list can be controlled instantly. All exchanges with the same group are grouped together: a sorting by group that tools like WhatsApp have got us used to, but which is impossible on email messaging.

Of course, these teleworking spaces can be linked with the client spaces and the MyCercle data rooms.

In order to test the MyCercle spaces in teleworking mode, we are offering interested lawyers three months free of charge during the current health crisis period by following this link .

At the end of this quarter, if you decide to keep your subscription, you will be billed from the second quarter 45€ per quarter, with up to 30 unlimited es-paces in parallel and our free email and phone support. The subscription is without commitment beyond the current quarter and can be uninterrupted at any time: it remains active until the end of the current three months and then de-activated. Of course, we guarantee RGPD compatibility, the effective destruction of the contents of deleted spaces, and you can recover the entire contents of a space per zipped file at any time.

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