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1 web applicatioN
2 products


for client spaces, training spaces, project spaces, intranet
or extranet and to facilitate teleworking...

Test it for free

€25 excl. VAT/month

access to the solution 

+€1.00 excl. VAT/month

per sharing space 

unlimited content


for financial transactions,
sensitive technology sharing,
to replace physical data rooms ...

Test it fot free


the operation managed

per data rooms

  • Intuitive installation in a few minutes, online adjustment to your future needs.

  • Instant personalization of screens and link (if desired) from your site.

  • Unlimited email and phone support.

  • Accessible by any browser without downloading anything.

  • Customization of functionalities.

  • Customization of the presentation: screens in the image of your structure and (if desired) accessible from your site. 

  • Data hosted in France.

  • 256-bit key encryption.



  • Thousands of business users.

  • Continuous improvements incorporating their feedback (thanks to the Saas architecture).


The company
MyCercle, a French company created in 2013,
Capital of €1,267,000 held by its founders.

Our mission statement
Combine confidentiality and simplicity in digital sharing, with professional solutions that can be instantly customized without knowing anything about computers.

Our subscribers

Freelancers, professionals in the legal, accounting or consulting fields, and larger structures in industry or services. All of them appreciate our free and unlimited assistance by e-mail and telephone.

Learn more about the founders of MyCercle

Safety at all levels is privileged in our solutions
and makes MyCercle a benchmark partner for the legal, financial, legal, and, beyond that, all professionals for whom confidentiality is important.


Legal security
Extended confidentiality commitments
Compliance with the European Regulation (GDPR)

Digital security
Encryption of exchanges and stored documents (256-bit key)
Secure hosting in France by a recognized provider 
Internet security Server rated A (Qualys vulnerability rating)
Avoids mail servers for your confidential shares

Design safety
Ergonomics avoiding sending errors
Easy control and correction of who sees what
Nothing to load on your computer


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