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Lawyers, it's time for secure teleworking! !

June 5, 2020


Telework or telecommuting has imposed itself on law firms in many situations, for a long time and in some cases probably permanently.

After the urgent use of digital tools to enable teleworking, the time has come to reflect on the security and confidentiality of these tools, which is essential for law firms. Two things emerge: video will not replace the written word, and messaging is not a safe (or ergonomic) tool for teleworking.

Hackers are currently trying to take advantage of the situation and at-tacks are multiplying on messaging, including email (digital mail).

Équipement de protection

Sanitary crisis
Your free intranet/extranet for 3 months!

March 13, 2020


Since the beginning of the containment, MyCercle has made its secure web application SHARING PRO available free of charge to professionals who are not subscribed to it.

The health crisis that we are going through leads many of us to continue their professional activity in teleworking mode.

Since the beginning of the confinement, MyCercle has been making its secure web application SHARING PRO, all options included, available free of charge to professionals who are not yet subscribers (the advantages of SHARING PRO described below

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The advantages of a virtual data room for an average operation

8January 8, 2020


You are present in small and medium sized Merger & Acquisition operations and use a data room compatible with the size of your operations.

Rarely has a market been as segmented as that of the virtual data room.

Nearly all the professional players involved in M&A transactions, from the leading lawyers to specialized firms and accountants, share the same approach. 

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Entrepreneurs, a checklist of your digital risks and how to manage them

July 5, 2019

The digital risks to which a company is exposed are numerous and diffuse. For a long time, the right solution was not to digitize anything confidential; then not to share anything digitally. But the first and then the second strategy have become untenable for years. 

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6th edition of the Lawyers' Innovation in Client Relationship Award, what to remember!

July 2019

5 winners were rewarded in 2019: their achievements inform us about the evolution of the sector. The summary below tells us that innovative firms continue to develop more professional websites with richer online services. Their offerings are increasingly clear and thoughtful. Access to a secure client space (whether called "extranet" or "platform") is unfortunately still the exception.

Analyse des données

Data room and M&A operations

February 20, 2019
An interview with Fabienne Hanras, Head of the M&A firm Eurallia: "Data rooms are also used for medium and small operations."

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